SR 101L (Shea Blvd to SR 202L), Red Mountain (ADOT)

As a subconsultant, Ethos worked on the design of this project which widened five miles of freeway to accommodate additional general-purpose lanes. Ethos provided wall solutions to address widening of retaining walls in close proximity to existing walls and footings. Structural details for supports of traffic signs, landscape, roadway and drainage structures were provided.

SR202L GP Lanes (SR101L to Broadway Road), Red Mountain FWY (ADOT)

Ethos worked on the design of this 109-million-dollar design-build project which widened five miles of freeway from SR101L to Gilbert Road to accommodate additional general purpose lanes. The design included 28 retaining walls and three overhang slabs. Through coordination with the design team and multiple agencies, Ethos’ design reduced the overall cost of the project associated with the walls and overhang slabs.

SR 202L South Mountain Freeway, Phoenix, AZ (ADOT)

Ethos is currently working on the largest project in the history of ADOT that provides 22 miles of new freeway. As part of the overall involvement of our company in this project, our structures team designed  six bridge structures along the SR202L alignment as well as the design of two large drainage structures for the crossing of the SR202L over the Laveen Area Conveyance Channel. Our team also prepared wall and roadway details used project wide.

Nevitt Park Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge; Phoenix, AZ (City of Phoenix)

As prime consultant, Ethos led the design for the pedestrian bridge at Nevitt Park over the Western Canal. This project was a Federal Aid Project which used federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funding per the City’s application through Maricopa Association of Governments for bicycle projects in 2007.

Drainage Structures

Drainage Structures

White Tanks FRS #4; Maricopa County, AZ (Flood Control District of Maricopa County)

Ethos performed the structural design of the major structures for this flood control project including the design of the Auxiliary  Spillway, Inlet Structure and the Impact Basin structure. The design of the structures was performed in conformance to the design specifications published by the US Department of Agriculture.

Coffee Pot Drainage Basin Improvements; Yavapai County, AZ (City of Sedona)

Ethos completed the structural design of minor drainage structures including the design of a Drop Inlet Structure, Drop Structures and a Sediment Basin Structure. The design of the drop inlet structure consisted of the retrofit of existing wingwalls for incorporation into the drop structure.


Ballet Arizona Structural Assessment – Ballet Arizona Building (City of Phoenix)

Ethos is currently working to design the retrofit of three existing steel columns and concrete pilasters for the Ballet Arizona Building. Retrofits to the existing concrete pilasters were required to restore their structural capacity.

Steel Tanks  (Revolution Industrial)

Maintenance operations required access to the interior of a 4 million and 5 million steel water tanks. Ethos provided structural calculations and details required to safely cut and reinforce the temporary openings.

Structural Roof Anchor Assessment – Phoenix, AZ (City of Phoenix)

Ethos is currently working to test roof anchors throughout the City of Phoenix. The work for these projects includes testing, preparing a sealed inspection report and certifying the rope descent anchors installed at the various building facilities meet the new OSHA requirements.